Climb On

It never ceases to amaze me how inspiration can come in the most unexpected of places. This past week, I’ve felt an undeniable source of it from the new marketing campaign for Coors Light: Climb On.

I’d heard their new slogan in passing over the past few weeks and never thought too much of it. But then this past weekend while I was watching the Dodger game with my family I saw a few ads during the commercial breaks and was instantly obsessed.

“Whatever your mountain, climb on” they say, followed by, “Our mountains make us who we are, your mountains make you who you are.”

It was as if they were speaking directly to the Shout Your Strong cause.

We all have mountains, challenges, obstacles to overcome, and their uniqueness is what, in turn, makes us unique, it what makes us different, and accomplishing or overcoming them, is what makes us great.

So take no mind in the mountains of others, for they are not yours climb. And worry not about the size of your own in comparison, for your steps are all that matter upon their rocky surface.

Keep climbing, keep shouting.

Every step counts, every step matters, and every step deserves to be celebrated.





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