Learning to Shout in Begin Again

Shout Your Strong was created on the hope that we would all proudly and unashamedly proclaim our successes, no matter the size, and let them inspire others to work hard and do the same. It’s the idea that one voice can inspire another and another and another, ultimately creating one powerful sound for all to hear. Recently I saw this idea come to life, though on a different platform, and in a different medium.

In the 2013 film, Begin Again, Keira Knightley is an unknown singer-songwriter who teams up with record label executive Mark Ruffalo to make an album. At the beginning, Ruffalo arrives at a bar, drunk and frustrated after being fired, and he hears Knightley singing to an audience who appears to be paying little to no attention to her. Unlike the audience however, he is drawn to her voice, attracted to it, inspired by it. He allows his mind to take her quiet, acoustic, song and expand upon it, adding piano, cello, drums and backup vocals. He is a born producer, it seems, capable of making something good, great, but could he have done so without first hearing her song? Her voice?

In that bar her voice may have seemed small, but to one person in that bar, her voice was loud and powerful. And it wasn’t because she knew what he wanted her to say. It wasn’t because she was saying something that’s been said before. It was because she was saying something new, in her own voice, in her own way. And with that, he was inspired to create something bigger.

Our voices, when used, are never small. They are never completely unheard. And when we are honest about what we are struggling with and the positive steps we’re taking each day, we might finally show others that they are not alone in the battles they’re fighting, and that forward progress is possible.

So use your voice and shout your strong, because not only do you deserve to share it, someone out there just might need to hear it.


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